Flood strikes Central Highlands province of Đắk Lắk

Created 17 August 2019
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Non-stop heavy rains in the Central Highlands have resulted in rising water levels in the local Krông Ana River.

Non-stop heavy rains in the Central Highlands have resulted in rising water levels in the local Krông Ana River.

Flood submerges Buôn Đôn District in Đắk Lắk Province. — VNA/VNS Photo Tuấn Anh

The region's key dyke of Quảng Điền has come under great threat. Local authorities and people have spared no efforts to strengthen the dyke.

Locals have spared no efforts to pump water out of the flooded field.

Despite the efforts, on Tuesday, some 5m of the dyke was broken by water pressure.

As a consequence, floodwater flushed into a field of nearly 1,000ha of ripe rice.

Ripe rice are submerged in flood water.

Hundreds of local authorities, policemen, civil defence forces and citizens have helped fix the broken dyke.

The 70km long Quảng Điền Dyke construction was completed in 2014 at a cost of more than VNĐ300 billion (US$12.9 million). The dyke runs along Krông Ana River, passing Krông Ana and Lắk districts in Đắk Lắk Province.

Armed forces and people join hand to overcome consequences of the flood.

Three days of nonstop rain between August 6 and 8 in the Central Highlands and southern region killed 11 people. More than 12,000 houses were flooded, nearly 20,000ha of vegetables and crops damaged, more than 120,000 cows and poultry washed away and 124ha of fish farm and 4,300cu.m of cages with aquaculture animals destroyed.

Serious damages have been caused by the sudden break of Quảng Điền Dyke on Tuesday despite efforts by local people to save the dyke.

Various roads, irrigation canals and dykes have been damaged. Two hydropower plants of Đắk Kar and Đắk Sin 1 in Đắk R'lâp District of Đắk Nông Province, have suffered as well.

The property losses have exceeded VNĐ1 trillion ($43 million). — VNS


Source: VNN

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